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Muama Enence

Do you need to communicate in a foreign language but do not understand the other party? Exactly for these situations is here the instant voice translator Muama Enence. This new product can translate from over 40 languages both ways.

Muama Enence

When will you use the translator Muama Enence?

When traveling

Has it ever happened to you, that you needed to ask for directions, order food in a restaurant, buy something in a shop, have someone repair your car, but you couldn’t understand the foreigner? Now with translator, everything will be easier.

At work

Do you work in a restaurant, café or shop where foreigners go? Or do you have colleagues abroad? They will definitely be glad if you can speak their language…

Phone call abroad

Do you need to call abroad or does some foreigner call you? Muama Enence can be used even with phone calls…

Shopping abroad

Do you shop abroad? The communication will be better with translator…

Improvement in pronunciation of foreign language

Are you learning foreign language? Thanks to voice translator you can train pronunciation…

In other cases

Is foreigner coming over? You can speak a few phrases in foreign language, but more complex sentences are too hard for you? Instant translator will give you confidence…

How to use translator Muama Enence?

You need to charge it before use, charging takes approximately four hours, in this time. The LED light is red.

Then turn on the translator - press the button in the middle for two seconds. You will turn it off the same way as you turn it on.


You just press the button to translate from native language and start speaking. Afterwards the translation will speak in foreign language.

When you press the button to translate from foreign language, the foreigner starts speaking and Muama Enence will translate the sentences to your native language.

Of course, when you are using it you can change the volume of the speakers.

As you can see, instant translator Muama Enence is a smart gadget that you will use in multiple situations.

What’s in the box?

  • Translator Muama Enence
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Neck strap for easier using
  • User manual

What are the user reviews?

Reviews for translator are positive, look at the customer reviews.

Ordering translator

Instant translator is available on the Internet, you can find the official eshop on this site. The shipping is free, the order will be with you in a few days.

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